President's message  

President's Message

Thucydides: “The strong do what they can,
and the weak suffer what they must.” 

Hidden between these lines are both the mission and the motivation for BPW Cyprus. Founded on the timeless and lasting values of Determination; Patience; Honesty and Integrity, we’re here to inspire, support and empower women to stop being the weak; to discover the strength within each one of us; to identify and develop each individual’s full potential; to join forces in order to eliminate the gender imbalance and the discrimination that has defined our world for far too long.

Backed by BPW International’s experience that spans 90 years, we are able to conceive and develop world-changing ideas;
to see problems not as stop signs, but as guidelines; to convert every struggle into strength. That’s what BPW is all about.

We’re about networking, training, mentoring, inspiring, empowering, lobbying, sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences and meeting challenges. However, our role should not be limited to human rights and social justice. The only way to face past and current challenges is by participating in the solutions. Only then do we have the right to intervene in society, in the economy, in politics.

Indeed, women have already demonstrated time and again, under the most adverse conditions, the crucial role they play in facing and overcoming serious challenges and hardship. In recent years alone, we have witnessed and experienced the sheer determination, the resilience and the collective spirit of women in two challenging situations of global proportions: the financial crisis of 2013 and the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

During the difficult years of the financial crisis, the role of women in small businesses and cottage industries and their contribution to keeping the economy alive is undisputed. During the pandemic, their flexible nature and resourcefulness allowed them to easily slip into the ‘new normal’ of working from home in combination with virtual meetings and conferences. All this, despite the fact that women are known to be on the losing side of gender inequality and the accompanying pay gap.

But, change will come. In fact, it is already on its way. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, we reaffirm and underline our ultimate objective: to ensure that the next generation of women comes one step closer to gender equality than the last. We must never lose sight of the final goal: equal opportunities, equal pay, equal representation, equal rights, and above all equal respect for women across society.


When we at BPW stand together, we stand stronger.
Let’s work together to make it happen.


Mary Papadopoulou
President, BPW Cyprus