BPW Cyprus publishes manual of good practices

Within the framework of its advocacy for Gender Equality, and to accompany the results of a survey commissioned by BPW Cyprus to examine the current conditions in Cyprus, the Federation has compiled and circulated a manual of good practices.
The purpose of the manual is to inspire companies, bodies, organisations and government authorities to introduce and promote measures leading to gender equality in their operation. In addition to presenting the findings of the survey, the manual lists tried and tested practices that are designed to contribute to:
• The development of policies governing gender equality as well as relevant programmes for women and men;
• The promotion of women, and equal representation and participation in representative bodies;
• Positive changes leading to greater gender equality in work conditions and work opportunities for men and women.
Ultimately, the practical recommendations in the manual include tangible measures that will allow women to achieve the following:
• Reconciliation of family life and work for both mothers and fathers
• Equal pay for equal work, with maximum transparency
• Women’s access to leadership positions
• Women’s advancement opportunities
• Elimination of occupational segregation